CityMD Temporarily Shuts 19 Locations Amid Urgent Testing Demands

As lines at testing sites grow longer and coronavirus cases surge, the privately owned urgent care clinic CityMD has temporarily closed 19 of its 150 locations in New York and New Jersey, the company announced.

The company cited staffing shortages as the reason for the closures of the locations, 13 of which are in New York City. The closures began on Wednesday, and CityMD has not said how long they will last.

“Continuing to provide these services to the community is a top priority; however, our physicians and teammates are also a priority,” the company said in a statement late Tuesday. “It is our hope that closing sites now will best allow us to avoid future closures as this surge continues.”

Coronavirus cases in New York City, most notably those driven by the Omicron variant, have shot up in recent weeks. The surge has led to businesses closing their doors temporarily and people rearranging their holiday plans.

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